Victorian Conservatories from the TS Collection

Victorian is a popular, traditional style of conservatory, with a versatility that makes it suitable for many house styles.

Its distinguishing architectural feature, a bay front, with either an angled (3 bay) or slightly curved (5 bay) front, combined with a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details give this style of conservatory a more classical appearance. At the TS Collection, our Classic roof system gives your Victorian conservatory a distinguished and classical appearance. Your Victorian conservatory can also be configured in any design. It was the Victorian era in which the nation's love of the conservatory blossomed. This was because of the Victorians' love of foliage and exotic plants, which required a method of keeping plants alive during the cold winter months. In the 19th century, Victorian conservatory styles were created with ever-more-elaborate details to complement the period homes of the time. Victorian conservatory styles often included a Gothic shape to the windows and doors and complicated shapes in the roof, which was often steeply pitched, just like the roofs of Victorian houses


Feautres and benifits of the Victorian conservatory

One of the most popular conservatories and suitable for all types of properties.

Usually no need for coslty planning permision.

This conservatory style also has a bay front but with five main windows for space as well as aesthetics.

For superior thermal efficiency when compared to a standard conservatory - can help as part of a Building Regulationcompliant building.

This real "room feel" means more styling and furnishing options and the perimeter ceiling is perfect for down lighters.